Welcome to A Strong Pear!

We here at A Strong Pear are thrilled that you’ve stopped in!
We are two sisters, Bee and T (nope, not our real names but what we call each other), who have known each other for quite some time… practically our whole lives… minus the two year age gap that separated us from 1982 to 1984, of course. We like to chat (a lot) and thought, it’s about time we tap into the crazy realm of the “World Wide Web” (remember when people referred to that omniscient presence of the online world prefaced with “double U, double U, double U”? A time when you could hear the comforting screeches of your dial up modem and watch the progress bar as you blankly stared at 28% of a photo that your bestie sent you, hoping the three hours of download time were worth it… we digress). Topics you can be sure to see here:

Food, clean food, clean food that makes your taste buds and tummy happy…
We are excited to share the many recipes that we have turned out in our humble home kitchens, and much like that adorable monkey exuding pure happiness  from his banana, we hope that our creations bring you feelings of joy, nourishment, and inspiration… and maybe a satisfying food coma here and there. (Thanks to gratisography for the photo!)

The joys, laughs, dilemmas, and dramas of T as an elementary teacher and Bee running a family owned and operated optical business. That was a mouthful.

Juicing (like real fruits and veggies, not the term that “cool” people who use performance enhancing drugs use, though we’d probably make awesome female versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or not.)
We are both in love with our juicers (click here to start your love affair with our favourite juicing company), creating new juice recipes, sharing the good and the gross, and feeling stellar after the benefits of a good juice in the morning (or evening, or whatever you fancy).

In a nutty shell, we come from a family of 6, the two of us are best friends, we love our niece and nephews like our own, and are happily living life with the loves of our lives (they are a bit camera shy so we will come up with some fancy incognito names for them later… or Frank. Frank is a good witness protection name for both of them).
You’ll probably hear about our dogs too. Fair warning.

And everything in between!
Stay tuned… we’ll be back (please re-read that in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice – the least we could do since we used his name with reference to performance enhancers).

~ A strong “pear” we be, two sisters Bee & T.


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