Summer Heat & Sweaty Armpits

Yup. You read that title right… summer heat and sweaty armpits. Now you may be thinking, “what kind of sick people are you, over there at A Strong Pear?” and the answer is we don’t exactly know. But what we do know is that this summer heat is a catch 22.

It is so amazing to feel the sun warm your whole body and soul, to be able to close your eyes and breathe in the warm summer air that brings instant relaxation and peace. To know that here in Ontario, Canada we only get a few months of this heavenly weather and we better not take it for granted. But then as you are sitting there absorbing as much Vitamin D as you possibly can, you feel the trickle. You know what we’re talking about… that familiar trickle that feels like a bug crawling on you. You swat it away, only to realize there’s nothing there but an incredible amount of “dew”. Moisture. Pool of sweat. Dripping down from your armpit.

What? Gross, right? Not really actually. The ability to sweat is something not afforded to everyone and it is our most natural way of our bodies cooling themselves. Sweat itself is not gross. What can become a problem is the smell. The build up of bacteria that can create the foulest of odours. Enter routine de-odour-cream. The cure for your armpit woes and stink.

Let’s start with where we found the company routine and then we will chat about their amazingness. Both of us love to travel around to small town festivals (with our mom cause she’s awesome). We meet hard-working and creative entrepreneurs, support local businesses, and find extraordinary little gems that one could never find in a big box store. Last year we were at local festival (The Bala Cranberry Festival) when we stumbled upon this beautiful and tiny soul from Moon River Apothecary. Samara is the owner/operator of this really cool small business and she sold us on routine’s de-odour-cream that she carries. We haven’t smelled or felt better in the armpit region… ever.

Lucky for us when we were ready for a refill (the de-odour-cream lasts 3 – 6 months), we found Samara set up with her Moon River Apothecary booth again, but this time at the Midland Butter Tart Festival (which by the way, if you’ve never been, you have to find your way there next year. Thousands upon thousands of butter tarts for every dietary preference and need, from gluten free, to diabetic friendly, to just plain old reliable “Grandma’s recipe”. Annnnnnd you can do the butter tart trot – a 1km, 5km, or 10km walk/run that makes you feel like it’s not so bad if you end up eating mounds of butter tarts).

Back to the de-odour-cream. You can read all about it on routine’s website, but in a nut shell: all natural, smells delightful, doesn’t clog pores, and doesn’t make you worry about toxins leaking into and around sensitive breast tissues. Perhaps best of all, this company was made by two sisters out of BC. Gotta love Canada. We did a quick web search when we wanted to hyperlink their site, and guess what? They were even featured on The Social by Arlene Dickinson from Dragon’s Den. Routine is the real deal. We are excited to try their other scents. So far we have tried A Girl Named Sue, Bonita Applebom, and Sweet Jane. All three equally delicious and effective. Let us know if you’ve tried any of the other scents so we know which one to buy next (or which two to buy next because we don’t share de-odour-cream well).

Now, reality check, if you decide to make the move to a natural deodorant, give yourself some time to go through toxin withdrawal – meaning your armpits are so used to being covered up and filled up with toxins that when they no longer are subjected to chemicals they reek. Like awful. Disgusting. Man, they could gag a maggot (thanks Fat Bastard from Austin Powers for that visual). Buuuuuut if you stick with it, we promise it’s worth it. Eventually, one day you will wake up, do your de-odour-cream routine in the morning and throughout the day you’ll notice that the foul smell is gone. You’re left with the natural sweet essences of the ingredients that the lovely ladies from routine infused into their products.

So is the heat getting to you this summer? And are you catching yourself sniffing your armpits throughout the day thinking “what in the world… how did I manage to trap a raccoon digging through garbage up in there?” If so… give routine a shot. That simple. And nope, we don’t know these ladies, or Samara from Moon River Apothecary. We just know what works for us and what natural products we love. Jump on the train! The armpit train that has you sniffing periodically throughout the day because your pits smell irresistible and delicious… not because you’re trying to figure out where that Burger King smell is coming from.


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