Peaches & Ginger

Ahhhhh… don’t those two words make you drool when you hear them said in perfect harmony? The smell of summer. The taste of summer. The drool inducing thought of peaches muddled up with fresh ginger… sweet summer in your mouth.

With all this rain the past few days, T and her hubby were in dire need of sunshine in a glass. The perfect opportunity to create an insanely refreshing yet nostalgic juice to brighten the day, your smile, and your tummy. The recipe is at the bottom if you want to skip to it… otherwise read on friends, read on.

Let’s pause for a moment and talk about juicing… one of our favourite topics. We both own an omega juicer from Juicerville (a Canadian made juicer from a Canadian company – we love keeping it local!) that has literally changed our morning routines for the better and instantly increased the intake of healthy veggies we get everyday.

Do you juice? Or make smoothie creations? They are a super way to get a healthy dose of real and fresh nutrients straight from the source of fruits and veggies. We get stoked when we can share a new juice recipe or smoothie creation. We may or may not have had lengthy text conversations between the two of us and our mom specifically about our juicing triumphs and juicing fails (like when T’s hubby  made her a cantaloupe drink made with tons of fresh and beautiful veggies, and one entire cantaloupe… Did we mention that T hates… loathes… despises the rotten taste of cantaloupe in juice? Fail. Epic fail. But being the good partner she is, she plugged her nose, closed her eyes, went to her happy place and drank that whole 16 ounce sucker of a juice).

Side note: Our mom and dad are also proud Omega Juicer owners and it warms our heart to know that they are improving their health and quality of life just by eating (or we should say drinking) in a healthy way. Get your family excited to juice and we promise they will see some incredible health benefits within the first few days! Win-win… your family improves their health and you get to keep them around longer! Annnnnd if you have kids, you’ll be surprised how open they are to fresh juice. Our niece and nephews are picky eaters but boy do they demo fresh pressed fruit (and hidden veggies!) juice.

(If you’re interested in starting juicing, here’s a pic of what ours looks like just so you know when you go shopping. This juicer is super simple to clean and incredibly quiet when it runs. And again, we aren’t promoting the product for the company – we aren’t that cool, and the company has no idea who we are.)

omega_juicers 2

Also, a good place to start with juice and smoothie recipes is at  . They have a crazy amount of delicious and nutritious recipes free to everyone.

Okay back to the point of this post: T’s most recent creation of a delicious juice that had the hubby chugging it and asking for more. If you have a juicer, give this recipe a try and let us know what you think! We loved it, but maybe it’s missing something you think could put it over the top… or maybe you’ll deem it the cat’s heiny!

Feelin’ Peachy!
Throw the following ingredients into your juicer, give it a good stir at the end, & serve over ice!
Fills 2 large glasses or 4 small glasses.

– 3 fresh peaches (no pits)
– 2 large carrots (washed, not peeled, green tips and all)
– 1 medium sweet potato (don’t peel it, just scrub it)
– 1 thumb size chunk of ginger (same deal as the sweet potato)

So what are you waiting for? Go get your juice on, amigos!

Keep it fresh,
Bee & T

***Note: the header photo is a free stock photo – I (T) wasn’t able to get a good photo of the peach juice before it was devoured.***




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