Music & Your Soul

Imagine your favourite song. Imagine it live. Your favourite artist is playing, singing, strumming, running their hands along the keys of a piano. And there you are, becoming intertwined in the music and feeling your soul drift, dance on the notes of the music. All of this while being completely surrounded by crowds, row upon row, of other people yet still feeling completely alone with the music.

This summer  I (Bee) & my hubby could be found frequenting this “ah-mayyyy-Sing” place called Violets Venue, located in Barrie, Ont. Meeting and listening to various artists including (but not limited to) Eric Sardinas, Jason Burnstick, Walter Trout, and a double date with T & hubby found us swaying to the rhythm of Davy Knowles. You have to go – the experience is indescribable! Words can’t explain…but I can try! This “little venue” that seats around 100 ppl, literally lets you watch the spit fly from the artists mouth while they sing! And watch the sweat drip off the bass players nose! Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound appealing, and let me be honest, it is gross, but that’s how close you are! In the first row you could probably count the artists nose hairs… But I honestly haven’t tried. I’m to mesmerized while watching the artist dive deep into their song and get lost in their guitar, drums or keyboard solo.

Seriously though! Isn’t music amazing?!?

This past week specifically, I have found myself appreciating music from around the world and who knew I would be so fascinated. Starting with the simple background music played while I was visiting my favourite Nail Salon, Hip Hop Nails in Barrie, Ont. Our family met Tony & Nancy (the owners/operators) a few years ago, and we totally appreciate their talent and love for their business. Such a simple thing, but as I was getting my nails done to look pretty for a wedding celebration I would be attending the next day, I found myself humming along to this artist I had never heard of. And let’s be honest, I don’t speak Vietnamese either, so I really had no idea what she was singing about.  BUUUUUUUT, with the language of music I felt so connected to whatever she was singing about and I sat so happily as my nails dried.

Moving onto the wedding celebration. This was the very first Indian wedding celebration my husband, my parents, and I attended. Honestly it was absolutely amazing to be in a room full of around 600 people (in which case I thought I would feel overwhelmed, but Almost every single person, no matter the age, was up on the dance floor, dancing, singing, celebrating this joyous occasion, and we were right up there along with them! Now more honesty, we did not have a clue of what songs were playing. I couldn’t even pretend to sing along, which is what I sometimes do to make it look like I know the words (mouthing blueberry muffin, works every time). But we could feel the beat, and we could move our arms, and that’s all we had to do! How wonderful is that? Communicating and connecting with so many others without a single word. Just a smile and a few dance moves!

Now on a completely different musical note. The heart breaking, tear jerking, Kleenex needing music. This is a very difficult share – but at the same time, it is an important share. It is hard to find the words, but I’ll do my best. I had the honour of sharing a song I wrote in memory of a friend. When he sadly passed away in March of 2015, I couldn’t speak. I felt like there was nothing I could say to help console his mother & his brother…. I was speechless. But I knew one thing. I have a special gift of being able to put words down on paper, and add a tune. Aka, write songs. I knew that one day I would have a very special song written for his family. And  on a Sunday morning at 8:15, when I’m normally eyes closed, snuggled in bed with my pug,  I found myself, still in bed but wide awake madly typing words down in my “notes” section of my iPhone. Almost a year after my promise, there it was.
music heart.jpgIt took me less than 30 minutes to write; a day to really work through the music; and now a lifetime to share.Months later, I had the opportunity to share this song with not only his mother and brother, but also extended family & friends, all hearing it for the first time. Although I don’t remember looking around too much while singing, I do remember looking at these two beautiful souls, as tears filled their eyes, I could see their hearts in pain but also filled with love at the same time.

Ironic what music does to us and with us. And it’s at all these moments in life, happy or sad, that I know the connection between music and our souls is so amazingly powerful. More often than not music is really what the doctor should order. So go find your favourite song. Turn it on and turn it up! And who cares if you can sing on key or not. Sing it loud!

Much Love,



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