Clove Chops & Carrot Juice

This morning proved to be a lazy morning with the temperature outside rising and the knowledge that I (T) have just one Friday left after today until school begins  So naturally I laid in bed as long as possible. When I finally rolled out it was some time after 10:00 and I reminisced about teenage days when I’d sleep until noon and not feel an ounce of guilt. Today was a guilt-free sleep-in day. Hello good old memories. The only catch… I woke up crazy hungry, one might even say hangry, and may have possibly resembled this cute little fella:

dog nap.jpeg

So what to eat on a Friday morning/afternoon when your tummy says “feed me Seymore!”? Luckily I had two pork chops chilling out in the fridge that I was going to cook up last night but remembered that we had steak we had to eat, so there, problem solved… pork chops for brunch! I threw a few spices together that smelled just right and made me think of nostalgic autumn days or even Christmas (there was a Christmas movie on TV last night, right in the middle of August… what.). The chops were a hit! You can do them in a cast iron pan on the stove, or quickly on your grill. Try ’em out, they are simple and delicious!

pork chop.JPG

Clove Chops
Time: 1 minute to prep, 5-10 min to cook
Serves: 2 hungry people

– 2 pork chops, bone in
– 2 pinches of each:
– thyme (ground)
– sage (ground)
– savory (ground)
– cloves (ground)
– salt and pepper
– butter or bacon fat or coconut oil, (a fat of your choice) if using the cast iron pan

(If using the cast iron pan, heat on high and melt fat of choice. If using the BBQ, fire ‘er up, baby!)
1. Season one side of the chops with 1 pinch of each seasoning
2. Flip the chops and repeat
3. Fry in pan or cook on grill for 3-5 min per side on med-high heat
4. Don’t rush the flip since you want the seasoning to crisp up on each side
5. Let rest for a minute or two… eat!

There you have it, a fast and easy chop recipe with a magical ingredient of cloves. One might think, that’s not a complete brunch! But we paired our chop with fresh pressed juice from our Omega Juicer (I mentioned it in a previous post about Juicerville… life would not be the same without it!) and made a filling and deeeeeeelightful fruit/veggie juice. If you want to try it, here’s the recipe:


Sweet Pine-Tato Juice
Time: 10 min to run through juicer and clean up juicer
Serves: 2 (16oz glasses)

– 4 medium carrots
– 2 small sweet potatoes
– 1 thumb of ginger
– 1 pineapple, cored and peeled
– pinch of nutmeg

1. Run all veggies and fruit through your juicer (be sure to wash them first!)
2. Pour juice into glasses over ice and sprinkle nutmeg on top
3. Drink ‘er down!

Enjoy your Friday, whether it’s a lazy summer day or a bustling productive day! And take some time to soak up the sunshine; before you know it, Autumn will make her arrival!

Peace & love peeps!
T 🙂


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