Frozen Bananas & Berries 

Let’s get one thing straight. Food is the real deal. It can take a bad day and make it great- or if the recipe doesn’t turn out, it could take a great day and make you want to throw a spatula. THANKFULLY, the other day food made my day even better and I haven’t stopped talking about it for a few days! But, let’s be honest, it’s absolutely 100% difficult to mess up this ridiculously easy dessert! I’m certain you could probably make this dessert blindfolded…. But I’m not sure I would actually recommend that.

Speaking of easy- I (Bee) am a HUUUUUGGGEEEEE fan of quick, easy food! (You’ll see in my upcoming posts). And quick, delicious easy good is totally doable! I work/live in our family businesses (two to be exact!) Shout out time. The Optical Market & Central Optical. Central Optical is a laboratory where we physically put the prescriptions into eyeglasses. Pretty amazing, and yes it’s great to be proud of a product that is still made in Canada! But we only deal with independent Optometrists & Opticians, so make sure you visit your local offices, and support Canadian businesses. We’re a big country, but we’re all a close knit community and we can keep our country’s economy strong! Take the time and shop local. You will be amazed at how much money you will save when buying good quality products at fair prices. You also get a chance to talk with the owner who truly takes the time to invest in their passion and you will get tons of information. Instead of filling up that oversized cart, and over-spending only to throw out those “deals” a few months later. An educated consumer is the best consumer. I digress. Can you tell I am passionate about supporting independent and local businesses? Ha!

Back to the most delicious, quick and easy treat! I honestly would have no problem eating this for breakfast either. Not every morning, but I’m sure it’ll happen in the future. (Near future) Oh! Before I forget, invest in a Omega juicer, as this is how I made it! (Minor detail! Lol) You can use the link previously posted. Juicerville does compensate, if you decide to purchase through this link provided. But it’s awesome, because anyone can sign up and send ppl over! It’s their special way of saying thank you for referrals.

Ok- so here’s what you need;

Frozen Banana’s & Berries Ice Cream

  • Juicer (again I use the omega)
  • Frozen Banana(s)
  • Frozen wild blueberries

Use the proper attachments to “cream” the fruit together, and watch it come out into your bowl. Eat ‘er up and enjoy!

See- crazy easy! And the most amazing thing happened after I made it. My hubby was genuinely interested in A) trying some and B) putting an order in for a strawberry/kiwi swirl next time around. And then we got to bouncing around tons of different flavour combos to try!! Let me tell you… They. Are. Endless! And if you have a wicked combo, that you know we’ll enjoy, please share! As sharing is caring. 😉



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