Against All Grain (Danielle Walker) & our tasty kitchen! 

I truly feel like this “pear” has brought back my love affair with my kitchen. Over four years ago, our family said “GOOD-BYE” to grain & processed food. And we picked, what some would say, was the dumbest time ever, December 5th, 2012 was our date we all changed our lives for the better and forever! It also proved to be a hard time for me to cross into the kitchen. Everything I knew was white sugar and white flour.

Now picking that date, some would say was the worst timing, but in my (Bee) opinion there couldn’t have been a better time! If you’re like our family, your Christmastime is filled with sugar-filled cookies, cakes, and boxed chocolates (let’s be honest, how old ARE those little bits of chocolate?!? How long have they really been in that box?! When I think of it now…. Ew!) PLUS, your table is probably filled with pre-made store bought potato salads/coleslaw, loaves of bread, rolls/buns stacked in large baskets, canned cranberry sauce, canned vegetables and stuffing, stuffing and more stuffing! Even writing this, I feel exhausted! And that’s literally how I remember our family was while growing up. We would seriously have a nap after dinner before dessert, because we thought we all worked so hard. But looking back, I realize it was the food! Going over our  family celebrations in the recent years far out won our “old lifestyle”. Now they are filled with games, eating (a lot!) laughing and NO NAPPING! And we spend loads of time in the kitchen, especially taste testing! My favourite is the cranberry sauce! I tried this once, and I was hooked!! I even ate it for breakfast on Boxing Day, and possibly some at lunch too. And by possibly, I mean I did. And I continue to make it every year… every time I am still amazed by the flavour and yummy-ness. It seriously kicks butt. In the word of Sinead O’Connor, nothing compares.

So back to my love affair with my kitchen. I have been skeptical of myself and if I could ever go back into the kitchen with confidence. I always watched T in amazement in the her kitchen. She is seriously like Ratatouille! Like literally smells the dish and then runs to her herbs and spices and just adds a dash of this or that. Never over-doing it, in my opinion. I wanted to be like this, but was so scared to try. I hate ruining dishes because that means my hard earned money is literally wasted. And who likes that? But then I remember a special friend, Danielle Walker #AgainstAllGrain. Now, I call her a friend, but she really has no idea of who I am! 😂😂😂 Side note: when we started our Paleo Lifestyle, T throughly enjoyed following Juli Bauer, and I took more towards Danielle Walker. Both gals are entertaining, but more importantly they each had amazing recipes that we would happily try out! Plus we believed if we put it out into the universe, Danielle and Juli would come to get to know us & become friends! We’re pretty amazing people! Just ask us! Lol!

Recently, Danielle announced she is releasing her third cookbook!  My mom called me right away and said “YOU CAN JOIN HER LAUNCH TEAM!” Of course, I was at work and normally don’t have a spare second to do anything other than work, but I jumped onto Twitter, found the post, clicked on the link and Boom! I made it on!! I was sooooo excited. But still had to maintain a calm collective coolness about myself. I have a new friendship to maintain! Lol. Now basically, being a part of this team means you get recipes emailed from Danielle and her team, to try out/cook/bake and talk and share the food with friends and family. I will be honest, over the past few years, I have always told people different websites to go to, and Danielle is always on that list. She is truly an inspiration! And when people tell me, “yeah- but I have kid(s).” I respond with “and so does she – that’s why I’m suggesting her.”

Now honestly, given the chance to talk, especially about food, I could go on forever! But I should stop talking and just share this photo… Breathe it in for just a second.

What do you see here? From her new cook book Celebrations, you will see the Knife-and-Fork Pork Ribs and also the Skillet “Corn” Bread. I made “A Strong Pear” with the mashed garlic cauliflower! Yum-oh! Hubby and I had two plates, plus picked from the pans! And ate the “corn” bread for breakfast the following day! With recipes like these, I am comfortably back in the kitchen and love it! Now, if you want to enjoy these recipes, without coming over to my place, I suggest you preorder her book! (I don’t get paid, and I haven’t signed up to even get that affiliate thing – not even sure if it works being here in Canada. But honestly, what are friends for if we simply can’t help each other out??) Anyway, if you pre-order she also gives out 7 bonus recipes that are not included in the book!

So go check out her site. Her amazing recipes, that make me look like I know what I’m doing and Re-Discover the love for Good Real Food!!!

Cheers to a full happy tummy!


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