Finding even more reasons to celebrate! 

Book review; Danielle Walker, Against all Grain, New York Times best selling author, just released her third cookbook Celebrations, on September 27th. Now I’m going to be honest, next to work, I have been elbows deep in food, pictures of that not included. But this book has given me even more reasons to not just get into my kitchen, but Run, Jump and Dance in my kitchen.

Quick Alert! These opinions are solely based on my stomach and the stomachs of family & friends!

Let me start with a quick little background story. Not from the very beginning, but an August afternoon. I was Quick Draw McGraw and signed up to be part of Danielle’s launch team for her new cookbook! Which basically means, I received a copy of the book prior to it being released, along with 149 others on the team, so we could cook up some recipes, share the food and give opinions.

First up- Knife and Fork pork ribs.(pg 124) So easy to make and the flavour is ridiculously amazing. One bite of these and you will agree with me (I’m sure), that never again will a “restaurant rib” cross over these lips. Can I tell you a little secret- this was my first time ever cooking ribs, ever. And under the instructions of Danielle, through her book, my confidence level was “higher”. And one bite, I felt like I should have my own cooking show! Okay- maybe too far – but Wowza! Fall off the bone delightfulness! My husband simply says “they’re just delicious.” 

Second- “Corn”bread. (Pg131) Now, living in the “Great North”-  Ontario, Canada, I can’t say that this was ever a staple. Honestly it wasn’t even a go to for our Sunday family meals or even a thought at holiday time. But now!?! I can’t picture a big family meal without one! I even made it with Choloate almond milk, since that’s all I had in my fridge, and it was still perfect! T & I (and the hubbies) had a recent mini celebration meal, and Ts hubby couldn’t get enough of the cornbread. Now let me tell you, he isn’t shy with opinions, like myself, but I could not understand a word, as he was mutterin’ while butterin’ the cornbread and continued to “taste test” multiple slices. I’m taking it as a good sign, and this recipe gets  5⭐️’s!

I could continue reviewing each recipe I made, one by one, but that would just hold you up from running to the closest book store and getting your copy in hand right now. You could order it online, but can you REALLY wait that long to make recipes like Ginger-ale pg 181, or Lemon Bars (which we recreated into Lime Bars… Because we love lime), or Peach Cobbler, Caramel sticky buns, spinach salad with poppy seed dressing, and prosciutto wrapped shrimp! My mouth is watering too! But the kitchen is closed at the time I am writing this- I’ll have to dream of eating these foods again…. Oh wait! No I don’t. I know there’s left overs waiting for me to devour them…… 

So all in all- this book, as well as her other two cookbooks, would honestly be great additions to your kitchen! Not to mention it is Paleo, which makes our stomachs that much happier! She has also gone the extra mile to give little tidbits for each recipe and marks down nutfree, dairy free and SCD recipes to easily navigate through delicious meals! We have chosen to eat 90% real food in our diet (& indulge 10%-) and have not been diagnosed with any medical condition which means this book is honestly for anyone! So a big round of applause, high five, fist pump, or whatever the kids are doing these days, for a cookbook beautifully thought out. Which will help anyone and everyone throughout the holidays (with or without diet restrictions) AND can be literally used anyway time of the year for that matter! Because we can choose to Celebrate any day of our lives.

And now most importantly in our lives, after one of these meals, I feel like I can get up from our table, mic drop and walk away….

Side note; Danielle’s book tour is happening now. And even though I don’t want to share her Toronto tour date with Loads of ppl- I wish her much success. So go meet her one on one and ask your questions live. In person. You know, like the good old days! 


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