4 Years of Tummy Troubles & Homemade Ginger Ale


Hello world! Happy first official day of 2017! How exciting is it to start a new year? This girl (T, that is) thinks it’s incredibly exciting. The beginning of the new year always seems full of possibility and wonder. I’m not a big New-Years-Resolution-Type-of-Gal, but I do love the promise of new and exciting adventures in the year ahead; new learning; new connections; new outlooks; new discoveries; and an opportunity to make everyday your best day yet.

***Warning: I’m about to engage in some honest and positive chatter here. If that’s your type of thing, read away my friend, read away! If it’s not, and you find it hokey, all the more reason to read on! Don’t run away… embrace it. You might find something that resonates with you… annnnnd you might not. But what’s the worst that could happen? You could waste 30 seconds reading something you don’t agree with… ok… then I promise to send you 30 seconds worth of time in a pretty envelope adorned with stunning decals through snail mail, postage paid by me. Just send me your address with the exact number of seconds it took you to read and let me know how you’d like your time reimbursed… I’ll do my best.

So I don’t mean that each and every single day of 2017 will be happy, easy, and positive (I sure hope that you are all gifted with far more positive days than negative days throughout 2017). When I say “the best day yet”, I simply mean that you can make the best of each day with all your knowledge and experience to date. You’re going to have pitfalls, failures, disappointments, heartaches, and unforeseen challenges… but so what? You’ve overcome many things in your life and those experiences have equipped you with the KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities) to champion your way through whatever you may face in the future. If you aren’t able to champion your way through, at least you’ll be able to pull yourself through and make it to the other side.

FYI: I stopped here to look for a free inspiring image of “pulling oneself through a challenging situation” and the following popped up in my browser. What. I have no idea how this fits. In fact, it does not. It’s entertaining though, right?)

stormtroopereggThe truth is, we humans are lucky to wake up each day and have a day of possibilities ahead, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, income, age, relationship, or location. Despite what you may be facing (divorce, death of a loved one, joblessness, illness, poverty) you have the brilliant opportunity each day to make the best of the day with what you have and enjoy some benefits of positive thinking along the way.  Any day in which you (as my brother-in-law says) “wake up on the right side of the grass” should be your best day yet. Here we are. Alive. Full of possibility. Ready to make the most of what we’ve got. Remember, if you don’t like your situation, you have the great power to change it for the better! Let’s do this… 2017 is going to be amazing (and when it’s not… make it!)

So where am I going with this? And what does it have to do with “4 years of tummy troubles & homemade ginger ale”? Well, it’s been a few months since I  (T) have posted anything. I’ve been focussing on some tummy troubles that I’ve had for over four years now and my time has been eaten up with doctor visits and days of rest and then the everyday hustle and bustle of teaching grade 5/6. It would be an understatement to say that I’ve had some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. But it would also be incredibly depressing if I were to drone on about how terrible things have been. Instead, let’s chat about how I’m making each day my best day yet. How I am determined to make 2017 the best year yet and plough through every single day with a positive attitude. How I am going to use my experiences and knowledge to overcome whatever may be causing my tummy troubles. How I am going to be grateful for each day regardless of it being a pain-filled or pain-free day because the truth is, I am lucky to be alive and I am better off if I keep in mind that not everyone is afforded such a luxury.

So how am I going to do I do this you ask? Enter: my secret weapon. Danielle Walker (the eXTRaoRDiNaRy woman behind Against All Grain – follow her on twitter and you won’t be disappointed) and her incredibly simple yet powerfully healing recipe for Homemade Ginger Ale. My recipe for a good day lately has been about three tall glasses of this magic potion mixed with positive thinking. GlassFullEmpty.jpgIn truth though, if I didn’t think positively, the ginger ale would still work. It is literally three simple ingredients that provides pretty instant relief to the tummy.

I can remember the first time I tried it. Family gathering at my parents, I was sitting at the dining room table and Bee offered me some ginger ale that she had just made. I was in the midst of a two-month-long stomach episode and was quite reluctant to take the pain-killers prescribed to me (sometimes breathing through the pain works… and sometimes it doesn’t). I remember the cooling sensation it brought as I could trace it’s path through my abdomen. It brought sweet relief to every inch of my digestive tract. It’s just that good. I’m pretty grateful that Bee brought the recipe to me. She’s always been a pretty great big sister always making sure that I’m okay… just don’t tell anyone, it would ruin her gangster reputation. For real though, she’s always been a protective and deeply-caring big sister (even though she’s my “little” sister… she may be two years older than me, but I’ve got her beat in height and weight. Booyah.)

bee and t.jpg

I’m in the pink hat on the left, and my “little” big sister Bee is on the right.

If you’re intrigued about the ginger ale (which by far beats the sugary alternative that comes from a can and lacks the healing qualities of Danielle Walker’s concoction), you should go grab her book called Celebrations at Costco, chapters/indigo, or amazon. I am still on my journey to finding out exactly what is going on with my digestive system (I’ll probably blog about it when I have answers) but for the time being this ginger ale has been and continues to be a life saver when I need it most. If you are among the many who have tummy troubles either chronically or sporadically, I gift you the amazing powers of Danielle Walker’s Homemade Ginger Ale.
Here it is. Simple. Clean. Healing. Beautiful.
gingerale2Cheers friends. Cheers to 2017. Cheers to family. Cheers to health.  Cheers to happiness in your mind, body, soul, and life.



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