Tired, snotty & sick – oh my! 

Cold season, Blah! Do you ever feel like, this will be the year, I refuse to get sick! I refuse to break down. I’ll eat so heathy this cold bug won’t have a chance! And then BLAMO! Some kid sneezes on you, or your cute niece or nephew wants to give you a fist pump after wiping the snot from their nose with the back of their hand, and you didn’t realize this until the second your hand touches theirs… And let me tell you… You blow it up real fast! Or you simply wake up and have no idea why your throat is burning, scratching and somehow giant marbles found their way into your throat and you can barley talk. And your eyes! Oh your eyes are sooooo heavy you just want to sleep. But you can’t. You are an “adult”, even though you feel like the worlds biggest kid you just need your mom/dad or childhood doll, a bowl of chicken soup and  your cozy bed. Cold and flu season sucks! And the older I get, the more I find infection and germs are around every corner. 

(You know we’ve all had these moments of beauty.)

This year though, well this winter, cold and bug season will have less power to knock me (Bee) out. T beat me to placing the shining light on good homemade gingerale, but I’m going to state it again. Thank you, again, to Danielle Walker, and her inspiring cookbooks, especially #3: Celebrations. This book holds the recipe of our lives. And so simple! It literally has become an absolute staple in our house. We keep the homemade “syrup” separate until ready to drink, and we combine the water and syrup in a glass. But hold up! When my husband and I are feeling like we just got hammered in the sinuses with a swift kick in the face by this bug, and aliens are living deep inside our nasal cavities, we drink only the syrup, glass after glass. It is so potent, but if you’re like us and you lose all sense of taste anyway! I kid you not, I woke up early one November morning, swollen face, infection extraordinaire. I told my husband that I refused to go to the clinic to be told it’s “just a bug”, and waste 4 hours that I could be sleeping and not allowing others’ germs to see my body as a playground. So he respected it, and I pushed through my day. Feeling like it was getting worse, but I was drinking the “Ale”. The next morning… I thought I lost. (Insert dramatic tones here) I thought for sure I was going to have to go in, white flag a-waving. Until… (I should warn you, what you’re about to read could destroy your trust in our future blog posts…) Carrying on… I went outside with my dogs, basically whining and being a huge grump- and then it happened. I was trying to inhale and exhale out of my nose, with fast repetitions to encourage movement. And then … WHAMO! Zing Fly Zoom- out my nose the Alien projected! And he shot out so fast, I even jumped back! I wanted to scream, but at 7:05am neighbors may not appreciate it. My pug was about to investigate, when I warned her to stay back. Who knew if this thing could grow legs and crawl away like one of those Hollywood flicks. Okay, not to “stick” to this topic any longer, I ran into my house and proclaimed how I could actually breathe again! I instantly felt more human! And that cold was gone in a mere 3 days! Something I have never experienced in my life!

The joy was short lived because my husband came to me within a few short days and begged me for his own container of ale. It helped but his cold got down into the chest. This worries us because of wheezing and troubles breathing. Neither of us wanted to run to the Drs but we agreed not to let it go more than a few days. Which was all we needed to kick some cold and flu a……(you know what I mean). My husband was a perfect gentlemen and host for said cold, but he did totally suffer from the man cold for the first time in our 14yrs together. I knew I had to up my game against this bug. I searched through my juicing recipes and found one called the “Cold & Flu Ninja Kick.” And that it was! It consisted of 4 ingredients (well 5 but I forgot to juice the ginger). Here’s what I needed in my corner: 

  • orange;
  • lemon;
  • garlic;
  • and red onion

My eyes were tearing up as I made my way over to him with the glass of juice. I’m certain I burnt a few nose hairs while sniffing it. I even tried the smallest of tastes just to prove to him if I could drink it he could drink it (see man cold). I winced and handed it over and hoped he’d just go for it. To my surprise he took the glass, placed it directly under his nose and sniffed as hard as he could. Nothing. No tear. No gag. No puke face. Nothing. He just drank it. It took him about 15mins to drink it all. Keep in mind he’s not “eating much”, and then he went straight to bed (8:00pm during hockey season… Serious cold). Only five hours went by and he got up to go to the bathroom- one huge cough and that bug was evicted! Once he coughed, and cleared, he could breath without wheezing! He was praising the juice in the morning. And he went on with the infamous ale until the cold was gone, in about a week. Now, we’re not Drs, but we can tell you about the power of food and our health! And that ginger ale, which we love adding cranberries to for that extra boost, has changed our lives! Cold and flu season has not knocked us out like it has others that we know, who have been fighting it for months now. We have the ale daily, sometimes just the strong potent syrup, depending on our taste buds. Try it out and give your body that extra little boost. You won’t turn back either! 
Cheers! Bee


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