Husbands & Dutch Ovens 

In case you’re wondering, I (Bee) am laughing my head off right now. We all have to agree that the title of this blog is hilarious. And if you were daring enough to say to yourself, “Self, let’s read on…” you must know this entire blog is not going to be about the constant hot air biscuits my husbands bakes every night. However, considering the title, it gives me permission to do so anytime during this blog. Fair warning. 

(Applesauce loaded with cranberries and strawberries for an extra kick!)

A few years back, both T & I found this amazing deal on Kitchen Aid Dutch Ovens, during a spontaneous Christmas shopping trip. Since my husband honestly is the cook in our household, I thought it would be the absolute perfect gift. I truly had no idea just how often we would use this bad boy. The most common use is for the weekly batch of ginger ale and then second to that, tomato soup. Oh how I love me some tomato soup. Sautéed onions, a little coconut oil and fresh garlic to get it all started. Roasted chunks of tomatoes drizzled with a little oil and more garlic is added to the roasting pan and then dumped into the Dutch oven. This is the type of aroma that I appreciate as it fills the entire house with the promise of deliciousness. Unlike the aroma that is a surprise sneak attack in the midnight hours, where I find myself being woken up from a solid sleep, only to hear my husband’s quiet dirty laugh and can feel the bed shaking from him trying to hold in the laughter. We’ve all been there. And you so badly want to swing your arms in the dark to smack him, but the second you do, you realize it was the worst idea you had as you have now successfully released any leftover hidden stank from below the covers. And now you cannot help but laugh, cry and maybe gag a little or a lot, all at the same time. He accomplished his mission successfully. He’s a proud man at that very moment and nothing will take that smirk off his face.

Carrying on. These giant, cupboard space consumers, should be known as pots of gold. I can’t express the amount of happiness I feel and I dance around the kitchen like a leprechaun, as I lift the lid to unveil the delicious creation! Like the straw-cranberry applesauce pictures above. The scented cloud that billows out, dancing up towards the ceiling, disappearing. Wish my husband’s heat would rise like that! Noooo… His cloud stays lows and finds its way to my nasal cavities. 

Anywho! Yummy roasted chicken, delicious soup on a chilly winter day, applesauce, ginger ale, or another favourite… mashed cauliflower! Dutch ovens give the opportunity for wonderful creations! 

So the next time you want to give your husband something to think about, tell him there’s a special dutch oven treat in store for him! 

Happy Dutch oven-ing!



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