Hugs & Pugs 

Snuggle puggles Abby & Mushu

Doesn’t it just warm your heart when you see a cute photo of dogs? It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. Nor the fact that when they’re not snuggled, one is getting into the garbage like a “pet detective“, love that movie btw. Seriously though. You have to admit that when you see a photo of dogs, you imagine yourself hugging and snuggling them! You might even grab your own little fur baby right now and give a little extra kiss on their cute little head.

Why the post you might ask? Well the answer is simple. Because. Because this world is so cracked up on selfies, and perfect social media dear diary posts that truthfully it make me go a little more insane some days.  And sometimes the only thing that brings me back to breathing in and out and putting down technology is a simple moment of hugs with these two. If I were a Dr, I would prescribe hugs with pugs, well any fur baby really. How can these amazing little creatures be so full of unconditional love. They truly can teach us so much. I’d like to share a few lessons that these two, and past fur family members have taught me.

  • Relax
  • Take naps
  • Live in the moment
  • Chase things, even if you don’t catch them. You tried, and you’ll try again.
  • Appreciate snacks… No, love them!
  • Drink water
  • Wander around and explore. Even if it’s the same surroundings. You’ll find new things!
  • Always welcome family home (shaking your backend may even bring a bigger smile to that family member)
  • And you only need one toy to cherish forever.

The lessons are so simple. And so obvious, but sometimes I find myself forgetting these little things too. Our world is so hectic and busy and some times so overwhelming but the smallest moment can bring us back to what matters.

When Abby was a little younger and stronger I would bring her to see my Gramma, who lives in a seniors home. My Grammas face would light up, and she would just sit and pet her and talk with her our whole visit. I even captured them sharing a moment together over coffee/tea.

Tea time

Cutest picture #2 of this post! Don’t you want to know what secrets they were sharing. I never got to find out either. Take a moment to appreciate not only this cute little moment, but your own little moments too! And let’s be honest, isn’t this what life is all about? It’s not about how many likes you can get on facetwittergram. It’s more about the moments that fill your heart and soul. Well, I think so anyway. Like if you agree… Just kidding!

Before I go, one more lesson. If you ever need to “let it go”, just do it. And then look behind you with a confused look on your face too, wondering just where that noise came from. I’m sure no one will figure it out! 😉


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