Hugs & Pugs 

Snuggle puggles Abby & Mushu

Doesn’t it just warm your heart when you see a cute photo of dogs? It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. Nor the fact that when they’re not snuggled, one is getting into the garbage like a “pet detective“, love that movie btw. Seriously though. You have to admit that when you see a photo of dogs, you imagine yourself hugging and snuggling them! You might even grab your own little fur baby right now and give a little extra kiss on their cute little head.

Why the post you might ask? Well the answer is simple. Because. Because this world is so cracked up on selfies, and perfect social media dear diary posts that truthfully it make me go a little more insane some days.  And sometimes the only thing that brings me back to breathing in and out and putting down technology is a simple moment of hugs with these two. If I were a Dr, I would prescribe hugs with pugs, well any fur baby really. How can these amazing little creatures be so full of unconditional love. They truly can teach us so much. I’d like to share a few lessons that these two, and past fur family members have taught me.

  • Relax
  • Take naps
  • Live in the moment
  • Chase things, even if you don’t catch them. You tried, and you’ll try again.
  • Appreciate snacks… No, love them!
  • Drink water
  • Wander around and explore. Even if it’s the same surroundings. You’ll find new things!
  • Always welcome family home (shaking your backend may even bring a bigger smile to that family member)
  • And you only need one toy to cherish forever.

The lessons are so simple. And so obvious, but sometimes I find myself forgetting these little things too. Our world is so hectic and busy and some times so overwhelming but the smallest moment can bring us back to what matters.

When Abby was a little younger and stronger I would bring her to see my Gramma, who lives in a seniors home. My Grammas face would light up, and she would just sit and pet her and talk with her our whole visit. I even captured them sharing a moment together over coffee/tea.

Tea time

Cutest picture #2 of this post! Don’t you want to know what secrets they were sharing. I never got to find out either. Take a moment to appreciate not only this cute little moment, but your own little moments too! And let’s be honest, isn’t this what life is all about? It’s not about how many likes you can get on facetwittergram. It’s more about the moments that fill your heart and soul. Well, I think so anyway. Like if you agree… Just kidding!

Before I go, one more lesson. If you ever need to “let it go”, just do it. And then look behind you with a confused look on your face too, wondering just where that noise came from. I’m sure no one will figure it out! 😉


Husbands & Dutch Ovens 

In case you’re wondering, I (Bee) am laughing my head off right now. We all have to agree that the title of this blog is hilarious. And if you were daring enough to say to yourself, “Self, let’s read on…” you must know this entire blog is not going to be about the constant hot air biscuits my husbands bakes every night. However, considering the title, it gives me permission to do so anytime during this blog. Fair warning. 

(Applesauce loaded with cranberries and strawberries for an extra kick!)

A few years back, both T & I found this amazing deal on Kitchen Aid Dutch Ovens, during a spontaneous Christmas shopping trip. Since my husband honestly is the cook in our household, I thought it would be the absolute perfect gift. I truly had no idea just how often we would use this bad boy. The most common use is for the weekly batch of ginger ale and then second to that, tomato soup. Oh how I love me some tomato soup. Sautéed onions, a little coconut oil and fresh garlic to get it all started. Roasted chunks of tomatoes drizzled with a little oil and more garlic is added to the roasting pan and then dumped into the Dutch oven. This is the type of aroma that I appreciate as it fills the entire house with the promise of deliciousness. Unlike the aroma that is a surprise sneak attack in the midnight hours, where I find myself being woken up from a solid sleep, only to hear my husband’s quiet dirty laugh and can feel the bed shaking from him trying to hold in the laughter. We’ve all been there. And you so badly want to swing your arms in the dark to smack him, but the second you do, you realize it was the worst idea you had as you have now successfully released any leftover hidden stank from below the covers. And now you cannot help but laugh, cry and maybe gag a little or a lot, all at the same time. He accomplished his mission successfully. He’s a proud man at that very moment and nothing will take that smirk off his face.

Carrying on. These giant, cupboard space consumers, should be known as pots of gold. I can’t express the amount of happiness I feel and I dance around the kitchen like a leprechaun, as I lift the lid to unveil the delicious creation! Like the straw-cranberry applesauce pictures above. The scented cloud that billows out, dancing up towards the ceiling, disappearing. Wish my husband’s heat would rise like that! Noooo… His cloud stays lows and finds its way to my nasal cavities. 

Anywho! Yummy roasted chicken, delicious soup on a chilly winter day, applesauce, ginger ale, or another favourite… mashed cauliflower! Dutch ovens give the opportunity for wonderful creations! 

So the next time you want to give your husband something to think about, tell him there’s a special dutch oven treat in store for him! 

Happy Dutch oven-ing!


Winter Blahs & Outdoor Fun

Hidey ho everyone! It’s T here. Bee is busy working away while I am enjoying one more week of Christmas holidays before returning to work and seeing the eager little faces of my grade 5/6 students. Life is beautiful. So beautiful. Even amid this grey and gloomy winter weather. Are you feeling it? That dragging, droopy, tired feeling that comes with dark, long days and the absence of vitamin D? The dreaded winter blahs? Me too. Great news though! I have a solution for you! Simple. Quick. Worth it… Continue reading

Tired, snotty & sick – oh my! 

Cold season, Blah! Do you ever feel like, this will be the year, I refuse to get sick! I refuse to break down. I’ll eat so heathy this cold bug won’t have a chance! And then BLAMO! Some kid sneezes on you, or your cute niece or nephew wants to give you a fist pump after wiping the snot from their nose with the back of their hand, and you didn’t realize this until the second your hand touches theirs… And let me tell you… You blow it up real fast! Or you simply wake up and have no idea why your throat is burning, scratching and somehow giant marbles found their way into your throat and you can barley talk. And your eyes! Oh your eyes are sooooo heavy you just want to sleep. But you can’t. You are an “adult”, even though you feel like the worlds biggest kid you just need your mom/dad or childhood doll, a bowl of chicken soup and  your cozy bed. Cold and flu season sucks! And the older I get, the more I find infection and germs are around every corner. 

(You know we’ve all had these moments of beauty.)

This year though, well this winter, cold and bug season will have less power to knock me (Bee) out. T beat me to placing the shining light on good homemade gingerale, but I’m going to state it again. Thank you, again, to Danielle Walker, and her inspiring cookbooks, especially #3: Celebrations. This book holds the recipe of our lives. And so simple! It literally has become an absolute staple in our house. We keep the homemade “syrup” separate until ready to drink, and we combine the water and syrup in a glass. But hold up! When my husband and I are feeling like we just got hammered in the sinuses with a swift kick in the face by this bug, and aliens are living deep inside our nasal cavities, we drink only the syrup, glass after glass. It is so potent, but if you’re like us and you lose all sense of taste anyway! I kid you not, I woke up early one November morning, swollen face, infection extraordinaire. I told my husband that I refused to go to the clinic to be told it’s “just a bug”, and waste 4 hours that I could be sleeping and not allowing others’ germs to see my body as a playground. So he respected it, and I pushed through my day. Feeling like it was getting worse, but I was drinking the “Ale”. The next morning… I thought I lost. (Insert dramatic tones here) I thought for sure I was going to have to go in, white flag a-waving. Until… (I should warn you, what you’re about to read could destroy your trust in our future blog posts…) Carrying on… I went outside with my dogs, basically whining and being a huge grump- and then it happened. I was trying to inhale and exhale out of my nose, with fast repetitions to encourage movement. And then … WHAMO! Zing Fly Zoom- out my nose the Alien projected! And he shot out so fast, I even jumped back! I wanted to scream, but at 7:05am neighbors may not appreciate it. My pug was about to investigate, when I warned her to stay back. Who knew if this thing could grow legs and crawl away like one of those Hollywood flicks. Okay, not to “stick” to this topic any longer, I ran into my house and proclaimed how I could actually breathe again! I instantly felt more human! And that cold was gone in a mere 3 days! Something I have never experienced in my life!

The joy was short lived because my husband came to me within a few short days and begged me for his own container of ale. It helped but his cold got down into the chest. This worries us because of wheezing and troubles breathing. Neither of us wanted to run to the Drs but we agreed not to let it go more than a few days. Which was all we needed to kick some cold and flu a……(you know what I mean). My husband was a perfect gentlemen and host for said cold, but he did totally suffer from the man cold for the first time in our 14yrs together. I knew I had to up my game against this bug. I searched through my juicing recipes and found one called the “Cold & Flu Ninja Kick.” And that it was! It consisted of 4 ingredients (well 5 but I forgot to juice the ginger). Here’s what I needed in my corner: 

  • orange;
  • lemon;
  • garlic;
  • and red onion

My eyes were tearing up as I made my way over to him with the glass of juice. I’m certain I burnt a few nose hairs while sniffing it. I even tried the smallest of tastes just to prove to him if I could drink it he could drink it (see man cold). I winced and handed it over and hoped he’d just go for it. To my surprise he took the glass, placed it directly under his nose and sniffed as hard as he could. Nothing. No tear. No gag. No puke face. Nothing. He just drank it. It took him about 15mins to drink it all. Keep in mind he’s not “eating much”, and then he went straight to bed (8:00pm during hockey season… Serious cold). Only five hours went by and he got up to go to the bathroom- one huge cough and that bug was evicted! Once he coughed, and cleared, he could breath without wheezing! He was praising the juice in the morning. And he went on with the infamous ale until the cold was gone, in about a week. Now, we’re not Drs, but we can tell you about the power of food and our health! And that ginger ale, which we love adding cranberries to for that extra boost, has changed our lives! Cold and flu season has not knocked us out like it has others that we know, who have been fighting it for months now. We have the ale daily, sometimes just the strong potent syrup, depending on our taste buds. Try it out and give your body that extra little boost. You won’t turn back either! 
Cheers! Bee

4 Years of Tummy Troubles & Homemade Ginger Ale


Hello world! Happy first official day of 2017! How exciting is it to start a new year? This girl (T, that is) thinks it’s incredibly exciting. The beginning of the new year always seems full of possibility and wonder. I’m not a big New-Years-Resolution-Type-of-Gal, but I do love the promise of new and exciting adventures in the year ahead; new learning; new connections; new outlooks; new discoveries; and an opportunity to make everyday your best day yet.

***Warning: I’m about to engage in some honest and positive chatter here. If that’s your type of thing, read away my friend, read away! If it’s not, and you find it hokey, all the more reason to read on! Don’t run away… embrace it. You might find something that resonates with you… annnnnd you might not. But what’s the worst that could happen? You could waste 30 seconds reading something you don’t agree with… ok… then I promise to send you 30 seconds worth of time in a pretty envelope adorned with stunning decals through snail mail, postage paid by me. Just send me your address with the exact number of seconds it took you to read and let me know how you’d like your time reimbursed… I’ll do my best.

Continue reading

Finding even more reasons to celebrate! 

Book review; Danielle Walker, Against all Grain, New York Times best selling author, just released her third cookbook Celebrations, on September 27th. Now I’m going to be honest, next to work, I have been elbows deep in food, pictures of that not included. But this book has given me even more reasons to not just get into my kitchen, but Run, Jump and Dance in my kitchen.

Quick Alert! These opinions are solely based on my stomach and the stomachs of family & friends!

Let me start with a quick little background story. Not from the very beginning, but an August afternoon. I was Quick Draw McGraw and signed up to be part of Danielle’s launch team for her new cookbook! Which basically means, I received a copy of the book prior to it being released, along with 149 others on the team, so we could cook up some recipes, share the food and give opinions.

First up- Knife and Fork pork ribs.(pg 124) So easy to make and the flavour is ridiculously amazing. One bite of these and you will agree with me (I’m sure), that never again will a “restaurant rib” cross over these lips. Can I tell you a little secret- this was my first time ever cooking ribs, ever. And under the instructions of Danielle, through her book, my confidence level was “higher”. And one bite, I felt like I should have my own cooking show! Okay- maybe too far – but Wowza! Fall off the bone delightfulness! My husband simply says “they’re just delicious.”  Continue reading

Against All Grain (Danielle Walker) & our tasty kitchen! 

I truly feel like this “pear” has brought back my love affair with my kitchen. Over four years ago, our family said “GOOD-BYE” to grain & processed food. And we picked, what some would say, was the dumbest time ever, December 5th, 2012 was our date we all changed our lives for the better and forever! It also proved to be a hard time for me to cross into the kitchen. Everything I knew was white sugar and white flour.

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Frozen Bananas & Berries 

Let’s get one thing straight. Food is the real deal. It can take a bad day and make it great- or if the recipe doesn’t turn out, it could take a great day and make you want to throw a spatula. THANKFULLY, the other day food made my day even better and I haven’t stopped talking about it for a few days! But, let’s be honest, it’s absolutely 100% difficult to mess up this ridiculously easy dessert! I’m certain you could probably make this dessert blindfolded…. But I’m not sure I would actually recommend that.

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Clove Chops & Carrot Juice

This morning proved to be a lazy morning with the temperature outside rising and the knowledge that I (T) have just one Friday left after today until school begins  So naturally I laid in bed as long as possible. When I finally rolled out it was some time after 10:00 and I reminisced about teenage days when I’d sleep until noon and not feel an ounce of guilt. Today was a guilt-free sleep-in day. Hello good old memories. The only catch… I woke up crazy hungry, one might even say hangry, and may have possibly resembled this cute little fella:

dog nap.jpeg

So what to eat on a Friday morning/afternoon when your tummy says “feed me Seymore!”? Continue reading